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  • Custom fit to your body
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Modern Wedding Dresses, Made the Way You Want

Don’t settle for outdated off the shelf designs at bridal stores or cheap knockoffs from overseas retailers. Create your own one of a kind wedding dress, custom fit to your body and delivered in 12 weeks or less.

Corina Camacho and Gloria Magana

Mother and daughter set on modernizing the wedding dress

Why is shopping for a wedding dress so hard? At big box stores, you’re limited by choice and dated designs. At small boutiques, you pay a premium and have to wait as long as a year to get your wedding dress. With online retailers, you’re not sure what you’re going to get. You might get a cheap knockoff that falls apart or you’re still paying a premium.

Gloria Magana and Corina Camacho, a mother-daughter duo teamed up to modernize the wedding dress and make the shopping process simple.

At D’Amante Bridal, you’re in control:

  • You have the choice to customize your wedding dress to your heart’s desire.
  • Your dress is custom fit your body.
  • Your dress is well-made with attention to detail using quality materials.
  • You get your dress in 12 weeks at the most – not in a year.
  • You save big by cutting out the middleman.

Design your own wedding dress the way want it

It’s your special day. Design your wedding dress the way you want it and not settle for off-the-shelf or dated designs. Chances are that if you can dream it – we can make it.

Custom Black Wedding Dress
Oath of Vaulted Stones - Semi-Custom Wedding Dress

Customize one of our semi-custom dresses

Start with a stunning modern wedding dress and customize it to make it your own. Browse our semi-custom collection.

Cut out the middle man and save big

We ship directly to our customers so there are no middle man markups. You save big on custom and semi-custom wedding dresses.

Look stunning in your body type

Have your wedding fit you and not you trying to fit into a wedding dress. We make your wedding dress custom fit to your body.

Expert craftsmanship

We make all of our wedding dresses in-house in California using quality materials. Every aspect of your wedding dress goes through rigorous quality assurance. You’ll get pictures of your dress before it ships and rest assured it’s well made.

Handmade for precision and quality

Each dress is handmade for quality and precision. 

Get your custom wedding dress in less than 12 weeks

You shouldn’t be forced to order your wedding dress a year in advance. That’s why we’ll make and ship your wedding dress in 12 weeks or less. For our semi-custom collection, you’ll receive it even faster – in six weeks or less.